Professional Cleaning Time and Attendance System

The Importance of keeping our customers 100% happy has always been our top priority. Hence the reason we have invested in a state of the art time and attendance system.

This system allows us to monitor our cleaning operatives' movements, such as what time they arrive at your workplace, how long they are there for, and what time they leave.

It also provides us with an early warning system. When our cleaning operative fails to clock in, the system sends a text message to designated managers who will then act upon the warning and investigate the matter. The designated Area Manager can then organise replacement cover, thus ensuring that you, our customer, are never let down - no matter what time it is in the day or night.

The system also notifies us when a cleaning operative has failed to check out, this could be for a number of reasons, but more seriously they could have had an accident at work. The dedicated area manager will make investigations in to why the cleaning operative failed to check out and make contact to ensure their safety.

Features of our Time and Attendance System include:

- Monitor timekeeping

- Absentee notification

- Voice verification

- Time sheet production

- Voicemail

- Live data collection across multiple sites

- Time-saving over paper based records

- Customisable and scalable solution

- Verifies remote staff time and attendance, confirming they are actually on site

- Detailed knowledge and control of staff time and attendance

- Play voice messages to remote staff members as they check in/out